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Juan Calixto

A beautiful journey 
the meaning of practice

My motivation is to inspire others to develop their own personal yoga practice.


During the last 10 years, I have been involved and training in different modalities of yoga and the biggest teaching for me has been the recognition of who am I, the unique way of how I express and experience myself.


I learn to integrate practices that are sustainable, giving me support at all levels, especially during times of confusion and uncertainty. finding stability in shifting the perspective of pain; So, I could distinguish its differences, and consistencies, learning from it. 

 This becomes a beautiful journey.

A journey that starts with a simple observation of the breath and movement, with the intention of appreciating our peculiarities, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is a process of acceptance and adaptation, an encounter with ourselves and our contexts.


With a practice that can be used as a reference to contrasts, our current moments, a guide to glide along with the rhythms of time, and the shapes of space.


So the invitation isn't that you learn from me; The meaning of practice is that you learn from yourself.



Why integral Yoga?


Integral yoga is an educational yoga project, that conciliates traditionally

approaches and contemporary philosophies.

This is reflected in a practice that integrates disciplines of movement and arts of stillness, engineering a sustainable living, that bringings: reflection, meaning, intention, and appreciation.


The aim is to create a yoga sequence that can be incorporated into your everyday life, a practice that is helpful for your uniqueness, complementing and supporting your current activities.


Creating a “frame” to feel,  a “theme” to express, a safe environment to explore and experiment ( play), and seeding for teachings in our own experiences and outlooks, empowering with responsibility and ownership. 


Integral yoga supports itself as Koha (donation), and it contributes to further education with Hañsa yoga and other modalities of movement and therapies; This is karma yoga, it gives, to give back.


"Hañsa yoga is based on the phenomenological study of ourselves and experiences in the third person... the investigation is about the meaning of our learned and developed narratives that exist within our mind-body framework, and expressed through movement, observing the choreographic relationship that happens between action and consequence".



Wow what a mind blowing experience I had with this intelligent, fun, intuitive young man Juan Calixto.


I trained as a level 1 Yoga teacher a few years ago with the fantastic Inna bliss Yoga in Bulimba Brisbane, but due to circumstances have not yet embarked on teaching others.


Due to the time span since training my confidence has dropped to facilitate others.


I have continued with my own home practice and the occasional Inna Bliss yoga classes but felt other then revising my manuals & notes I still required something more to lift my spirits & trust in myself that I can deliver a wholehearted rounded Yoga class for all peoples.


The missing link was Juan Calixto.


The 2 hours we spent together was so worthwhile.


Initially establishing a rapport with each other I openly shared with him some of my back ground as a person 1st then a mother, wife, daughter, nurse.


The Intregal slow flow sequences that unraveled in unison were so grounding.


By the time we were at a close I had fully surrendered & dropped into a place of intimate inner peace.


Thank you & Namaste to you Juan.

You have such a gentle intuitive soul.

You are in the perfect place & space to educate others.

Bless you.

— Lisa Johnson


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