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lessons of the poetic practice

Community yoga is all about share, a format that allows me to share the lessons of the practice, during this journey.

Those Lessons are the reason I love to teach (share) yoga. 

The “pretext”, to articulate and express “a perspective” of seen and sense our body, our movement and our life from different points.

One of those points is a “poetic view” an interest in ourselves:


How beautiful we are 
This is a particular inward and introspective practice, with energetic quality that focuses on a sustainable encounter between Langhana (to reduce) and Brahmana (to expand) practices. 

A connection,  beautiful,  intimate, personal,  a unique discovery with us.

But here is the paradox, because this internal “action” only happened by “reaction” (dependencies of opposites); In the interaction with “the other” that makes react in a particular way.

Here that the yoga values lie on the gift to yoke: single to plural, “ fusion of nature and soul”  one with all, from the individual to the community.

So the community yoga is an inspiration for the development of a personal yoga practice.

With a slow flow yoga sequence inspired by Hañsa yoga movements and principles, we use it as a tool for self-exploration, "a mirror of the present".


That is the motivation to gather as a team in a theme class by the poetic title of the teachings of our experience, by the apportionment of perceptions.


With the intention to be approachable to everybody, the classes are  Koha (donation), don't have any lucrative purposes and whatever it gets collected, it goes towards my further education in yoga and therapy.

The practice is for all levels and no limit of age, you only need the curiosity and the enthusiasm to explore the gross and the subtleties in your body to recognize our singularities and the possibility to change habitual patterns in order to find a more sustainable rhythm in our everyday life. 

We learn together the unlimited lessons of the practice.


Mangawhai New Zealand, Spring 2019

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