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Beer Yoga

Yoga and Craft beer in Uptown free house, Auckland New Zealand.

Originally from Germany?... or from the States? The true is that these two ancient traditions are becoming popular all around the world.

This is like a beer testing, with a mindgul body exercise beforehand.

The appearance of this yoga style, has generated contrasting opinions.  

For some the involves of alcohol it is a substance that affects the stages of the mind, others seem in its popularity as fashionable and ephemeral.

But this combination of Beer and Yoga has its value,  an invitation for a mindful movement and self-exploration.

Some people play with yoga poses, balancing while holding a beer, others use the practice to bring a “balance” between the healthier and unhealthier.

The way we are doing it in Uptown free house is a resurrection, re-appreciation.

On Sunday morning we take a moment… we allow the weekend to go!... we prepare for all the opportunities that come in a new week.

The yoga cultivates awareness by observing and appreciating the sensations of breathing, movement, and the body positions, preparing the palate to then enjoy even more the qualities, aromas, and flavors of a local craft beer. 

It is like a beer testing with a mindful body exercise beforehand.

A way to be present and thankful.

Namaste and cheers!

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