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A blinding light

Notes of practice

Note of practice:

I have been “chewing” a phrase that Vincent Bolletta Said last week:

“If you wanna have something that you never had before, you have to let go of something that you never thought before”

I try to find the meaning of this, especially in those days that I been feeling a bit confuse and understand about my “future” and even my present since I don’t know what I really want to have.

This is not so good, because I can not see where I am going, I can’t anticipate my next move, so easy to get lost.

Maybe, by finding what I never thought to let go of, I can find what is that I really want, and see where to go.

Reflecting on this: the “thing” that I need to let go, is the same reason I am here in the first place, stop being so pretentious thinking that I will found the answers to my problems and insecurities in a simple movement practice.

And give attention to the dark unknown, learning something new, so I can see the next thing.

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