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Principle two

*Hañsa Yoga Northland

The Principles of Flow

“Awareness: Consciousness plus Knowledge” .

- Moshe Feldenkrais

Hola, yogis! :)

In tonight's practice, we are going to explore some of the multifaceted levels of awareness, by bringing our attention to the coordination of space and flow.

Practicing our proprioception skills level by level, externally, from the body position, and the location of its parts, to internally: Where is the spine situated in space? Where is your heart?

And Flow, within the coordination of these bodily actions.

see you guys tonight.

Class starts at 6:30pm, every *Wednesday, at the Archie Bull Hall, in Kaiwaka please arrive at least 5 min before.

*Hañsa yoga northland is a practice inspired by the hañsa yoga flow and therapeutic principles; This is a moving meditation practice, the slow flow sequence gives the tools for the observation of our personal patterns and the exploration for better functional support that its resilience and sustainable..


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