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Principle three

*Hañsa Yoga Northland

The Principles of Flow

“The only teacher than you need, is your breath, it tells you when to move and how to move” .

- Vincent Bolletta

Breath is movement

Tonight we’ll use the breath as a reference, a center to organize awareness and activity.

Our slow flow movement practice would integrate the next exercises:

-Envelope breathing (movement continent by the breath)

-Krama breathing ( 3 faces breathing ).

-Heaven's temple (Coordination, regulation, and somatization of lateral and 3D expansion)

see you guys Tonight.

*Hañsa yoga northland is a practice inspired by the hañsa yoga flow and therapeutic principles; This is a moving meditation practice, the slow flow sequence gives the tools for the observation of our personal patterns and the exploration for better functional support that its resilience and sustainable..


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