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Desnude Slow

Notes of practice

Desnude Slow

as my rapid thoughts

freezing cold

Ignore less

speak more

I don't wanna know

Only feel

blinded skin

covered by the wind,

Reflected dream

a part that isn't lost

a path that doesn't last

nothing to note 

nowhere to go

I hear that before

For now,

Soft flow 

Gaze low

Suspended snow

Desnude slow."

~me :) .

Note of practice:

-After Monday's hañ class with Meta I have been inspired to practice from the idea of anterior softening and posterior broadening of the thoracic outlet, and the somatization of the lungs supporting the hart; my touchpoint of reference, is the manubrium, this time directing the downward force to the anterior shape of my sacrum, to stabilize a link, that allows me to experience that internal space of my body and express it in a supple quality of movement. (that's plan :P)

-I have enjoyed recording little parts of my practice, always a tool to see my self been myself, moving like myself, distracted like myself by myself; Tho this time I can see a little bit more.

-The name of the note, desnude slow, came out during my movement practice, and gradually some more words came out in my mind, not good tho, coz nothing really makes sense and they are just distracting me for my practice!!!, so the only way to come out of that, was to focus on “present sensations”, I have had the heather pump on, so I was shirtless, tho after a bit I noticed in my exposed skin a slight chill, so the word desnude (that is kind of made-up word, really) and the word slow came out, I used those as "a mantra", to repeated and repeated, anchoring back to my original task, the awareness of my movement from the suspension of my thoracic outlet.

-After the practice, I set down, and I came out with some rhythmical words; this to make sense to the nonsense, or nonsense to the sense? either of those.

-the sequence practice, is a little fragment from the element series of Hañsa yoga; tho my friend Jay can show it way better.

-Song: Takiotoshi (Sound of the Waterfall), Alcvin Takegawa Ramos, from Vincent's playlist.

-Omg just realizing so hañsy yogi myself :P


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