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Principle six

*Hañsa Yoga Northland

The Principles of Flow

The first step on the path is to know what you want, not what you ought to want”.

- Alan W. Watts

Kia Ora yogis!

In tomorrows practice, we are going to focus on the intention of the movement.

observing the cycles of the intentions:

Its origins from expectations,

its directions as the goal of destination,

And its trajectory, the way it moves.

To learn from previous experiences, creating an internal (physiological) and external (Structure) environment where the intention is ease to express.

see you guys tomorrow.

*Hañsa yoga northland is a practice inspired by the hañsa yoga flow and therapeutic principles; This is a moving meditation practice, the slow flow sequence gives the tools for the observation of our personal patterns and the exploration for better functional support that its resilience and sustainable..


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