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Soft and Solid

Notes of practice

“This movement and change have been called Tao by the Chinese, yet in fact, there is no movement, for the moment is the only reality and there is nothing besides it in relation to which it can be said to move. Thus it can be called at once the eternally moving and the eternally resting

~Alan W. Watts ”

Note of practice

For something to be in constant movement something has to be stable.

For this practice, one hour or so of constant movement, (although there were always distractions: the wind and the adjustment of my towel, it was a practice of starting again) anchoring my attention of breathing only through my nose.

This was difficult at moments because of the distractions and the contrast with some habituations but also it gave me a solid rhythm from pose to pose by mellowing my movement.

The amazing view at the beautiful place of my friends Lisa and Ian, was also a reminder of recognition of where I was, appreciating that moment and opportunity of contemplating the space through my eyes, and the softness of time that was touching my skin as the wind, the songs of birds, and overall the breathing through my nose.

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