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Ten principles of natural flow

Updated: Nov 25, 2019


*Hañsa Yoga Northland

The Principles of Flow

“Is the practice about technique or expression? Movement or posture?... Do we place the same amount importance on the question as to the answer we seek”

- Vincent Bolletta

Tomorrow is the last class of “the principles of flow” from the hañsa yoga fundamentals, hosted in “the little town of lights” Kaiwaka.

Now that we know a sequence, ;) ;) is time to integrate the principles in our practice, with the ain of finding a place that it supported and nourish the next transition.

The order doesn't affect the product, because there is no product to expect, rather a number of notes for music to play, a canvas to paint, waves to ride.

Is been a pleasure sharing this with you, I am sure Hañsa yoga northland, would come back for another term.

Meanwhile, keep in touch and see you soon.




*Hañsa yoga northland is a practice inspired by the hañsa yoga flow and therapeutic principles; This is a moving meditation practice, the slow flow sequence gives the tools for the observation of our personal patterns and the exploration for better functional support that its resilience and sustainable.

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