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The Center and its force of attraction

Lesson 7

*Community yoga Mangawhai

Developing a personal practice .

"Just as the system of the sun, planets and comets is put in motion by the forces of gravity, and its parts persist in their motions, so the smaller systems of bodies also seem to be set in motion by other forces and their particles to be variously moved in relation to each other and, especially, by the electric force".

- Issac Newton

Kiora everyone

Few things to say this week:

1.- STOP DOING WARRIORS! Don’t fight more

2.- about the video: this is also a good way tho wipe the floor.

3.- come to my yoga class tonight this is the topic:

Starting with stillness, we’ll observe the idea of “center” where it is? And how it feels?

Then by movement, we’ll experience how we gravitate around it, how we are pulled towards it! But also from it.

Experimenting in and out, away from it, and how we get back to it! Feeling overall the force of its attraction by the weight of our intentions

The class is at the Anglican Church in Mangawhai village starts at 6:30pm please arrive at least 5min before.

Entry: Koha

*Community yoga is all about sharing. it is for everybody willing to explore; The aim is to inspire people to develop a personal practice, with a slow flow yoga sequence, that we take home, then we gather every week as a team in a theme class, by the poetic title of our teachings; We learn together the unlimited lessons of the practice.


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