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The elements of teaching.

Hañsa Yoga Workshop

Elements Flow

Auckland NZ, November 2019

"Touch is an important element in developing a grater understanding of how the body works." ― Vincent Bolletta

Last Sunday, I learned so much from Liana Yew, Jay Garman and all the students that came along to our hañsa yoga workshop in Auckland.

Though the way that we express and embody our understanding of the hañsa yoga, is unique; It was an experience recognizing how those particularities complement each other.

I learned by co-teaching with Liana the contrast that I need to keep a sustainable rhythm, in my movement, in my practice, in my teaching.

The contributions of Jay revealed to me other perspectives in the same sequence, other ways to navigate and feel the attention.

But overall I was so touched by the appreciation of the group practicing together, witnessing an encounter in the gentle tact of our intentions through touch.

For me, the element of teaching is learning itself.

Thank you for sharing and allow me to share!


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