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The Midline

Principle one

*Hañsa Yoga Northland

The Principles of Flow

“Use your hands to come to the center line” .

- Vincent Bolletta

Kiora yogis!

In tonights practice we are going to flow by following the idea of the midline.

What it is? And how we organize our movement around it?

We are going to visualize the internal line of the body, in different sections: the pelvis, the rib cage and the skull, creating an internal link from the head to the tail.

Experience an “axis” that supports the movement and its relationship with its gravitational centres.

Class start at 6:30pm, every *Wednesday, at the Archie Bull Hall, in Kaiwaka please arrive at least 5 min before.

*Hañsa yoga northland is a practice inspired by the hañsa yoga flow and therapeutic principles; This is a moving meditation practice, the slow flow sequence gives the tools for the observation of our personal patterns and the exploration for better functional support that its resilience and sustainable..


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