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The practice of happiness

Integral Yoga

“If you try to change it, you will ruin it. Try to hold it, and you will lose it.”

Lao Tzu

The practice of happiness

For this practice, I wanted to find stability while moving, using rhythm and the location of my yoga mat as reference for my placement, and most importantly, to use the same movement sequence, practising it again and again and again, the same, the same, the same till it feels different.

Contemplating the transitions, that for every hight there is always a downside, as in order for something to be, it’s in a relationship, comparison, a contrast of something else, for that reason in this “dance” of constant change, ups and downs, the best referent is to practice something grounded, to push it away, to rebound, and reach, accepting what it rises and falls, like the floating sensation of happiness, that comes and goes, but always doable, through practice; or at least with the intention of doing so.

Change and be the same

To be different

Although repeat again

To move but stay

Closely and away

Flow by pause

Rest in go

Adapt by act

Remember, forget

Remain still, follow and say

To use the fear as fuel

And feed the feel

With fluent quietude

To let it be is to let it go

Dispersed whiled absorbed

Stable laugh, steady cry

Invisible feasible

Intention superfluous

Flouting absurd

Falling, floating


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