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The practice of yoga

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Integral Yoga

“The goal is the path and the path is the goal”

― Buddhist Saying

The practice of yoga

I rarely use the word yoga these days, because I feel it comes with heavy expectations, especially for the ambiguity of its associations and stereotypes.

I like more the word Practice: as routine,as discipline; This gives me a sense of order, organization, and overall consistency in my life, I don't know how the day can turn up, but I know for sure that I always have a thing to do, my thing, my practice.

Although practicing just for the sake of practice, doesn't make sense, or harder to make it sustainable and motivating in the long term, so is needed a reason, something to aim, narrowing our attention, directing our efforts to a specific point.

Here when the concept of yoga gains its relevance, to bring things together, linking opposites; To connect we have to differentiate, to discern; Yoga is overall a “making sense activity”; that takes us to a multitude of journeys.

During this exploration, we define our interest, of what is valid, realizing that the real value lies in its sacrifices, on how much we are willing to compromise; this is a self explorative practice, that requires a level of curiosity, openness, and paradoxically it implies skepticism and suspiciousness.

The discovery is in the deconstruction of learning, by dividing the parts that make us individuals.

We are composed of different layers, our bias, fears, and habituations would grasp in just some, hence in the belief of a hierarchical order of values, we can become dogmatic, fixing our identity in ideologies.

“And yet it moves”, we change, there isn’t a perfect food, exercise or pose, and it's more about how we define what we perceive, the “whys” that empowers our intentions and define our attention; not easy, because we can fall into the rabbit hole, if everything is subjective, relative, so what's the point?, here the delusion between our nihilistic, destructive ideas and our creative inner engineering.

To practice yoga is to practice integration, in order to adapt within our imperfections, contradictions, and compensations, in the purpose of conflict and challenge, The practice of yoga is the practice of meaning.

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