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The Rhythm of Silence

Lesson 11

*Community yoga Mangawhai

Developing a personal practice .

“The Grater Life is more than life as opposed to dead as a melody is more than a sound, it is rhythmic presence and absence of sound in witch silence and the ending of the notes are just as important as they playing”

- Alans W. Whatts

Kiora Community!

In tonight practice we have one task only, to coordinate: thinking and breathing (movement) Inquiry our attention to the manifestation of this motor skill, during the beginning and ends of circles: breathing, physical movements and mental process.

When does the breath start? Where movement beginnings? How do our thoughts end? Focusing on the gaps between breaths, silence, and the stillness of the movement.

And by the coordination of actions, find a rhythmical silence, that reflex our internal music. Class starts at 6:30pm, every Tuesday at the Anglican Church in Mangawhai, please arrive at least 5 minutes before.

Entry: Koha

*Community yoga is all about sharing. it is for everybody willing to explore; The aim is to inspire people to develop a personal practice, with a slow flow yoga sequence, that we take home, then we gather every week as a team in a theme class, by the poetic title of our teachings; We learn together the unlimited lessons of the practice.


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