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The Shape of a Good Greyhound

Notes of practice

“A head like a snake,

a neck like a drake.

A back like a beam,

a belly like a bream.

A foot like a cat,

a tail like a rat.


Note of practice:

- I know it may look a bit “dancy”, but it was what it came out without thinking too much, although it needs refinement, I can find this improvement if I go slow and move softly. This hasn't been easy because it contradicts some of my current shapes.

- The practice is an assembly of Hañsa yoga movements that I use as a reference to blending some sequences while adding a few crows.

- I named this note as the unknown poem to sympathize with this awkward-looking moment and reconciling with its shapes of goodness.

-The Song: 1677, Catrin Finch, SOAR


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