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The Size of Infinity

Lesson 15

*Community yoga Mangawhai

Developing a personal practice .

“To integrate we have to dissect” .

- Vincent Bolletta

Kia ora Mangawhai!

In tonight's practice, we are going to submerge in the experiences of perceiving different parts of the body through movement and the way we express "wholeness" in stillness positions.

Layering the physical body to its forms, to feel the mechanics of its actions and reconciled with the efficacy of its capacity.

Recognizing the dynamics of different sizes from parts of the body, to the sizes of our thought and ideas. Touching the infinity with our intention.

Class starts at 6:30pm, every Tuesday at the Anglican Church in Mangawhai, please arrive at least 5 minutes before.

Entry: Koha

*Community yoga is all about sharing. it is for everybody willing to explore; The aim is to inspire people to develop a personal practice, with a slow flow yoga sequence, that we take home, then we gather every week as a team in a theme class, by the poetic title of our teachings; We learn together the unlimited lessons of the practice.


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