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Notes of practice

“More than air

More than water

More than lips

Light light

Your body is the trace of your body”

~ Octavio Paz

Note of practice:

- After been working all weekend, I wanted to move and practice, without trying anything in particular, no theme to “feel” explore or express; I was tired and perhaps a bit lazy that, I didn't want to have any inquiry myself, all I wanted to do was enjoy Paula's place and practice with more space

So I roll down to the rag and start moving with any rhythm that emerges with time, and enjoy everything: the subtle and the gross, the slow and fast, focus and distractions, ideas and sensations, all blended together while gypsy, the cat, wiggles her tail around.

It was nice actually… but not complete “free”, I had my own personal sequence that I was using to direct my next movement, and also as a reference of my mobility and stability; my forward-bends were tight and fast, seeking more toward extension patterns.

Conscious and subconscious, directing the surge and the moment of the wind, that is air always passing while leaving the trace of myself.

It was also nice to synchronize at some points with the song that I was playing, thanks to Ryan for sharing that beautiful melody, a song by Augusta, The Birds, with the aperture of the birds singing around.

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