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A bit more about me

Hi, my name is Juan,

pronounced as though it begins with an 'H', Huan

Next time you see the map of Mexico, place your finger in the center and there is where I come from.

Leon is an industrial city under the umbrella of a conservative culture. I realize these during the discovery of my own sexuality that was contrasting with social standards, which influenced on my interest to conciliate polarized realities and the values of tradition and innovation.

I studied communication in university with the purpose to understand interactive and integrative processes, as well as the construction of reality and the searching for meaning; but all of this was just theoretical  that I couldn’t crystallize; I was confused about what I wanted to do with my life, along with the pressure and social demands of competition and productivity.

During my self-exploration, I came to New Zealand in 2010, (the place that now I call home) and I was captivated by the kiwi cultural diversity and its potential to create a new perspective for me.

But this was, in a sense, a utopic idea.

In the process of adapting to the NZ way of life, I again felt confused and trapped with the stereotypes that I knew I didn’t align with.

In 2012 a friend invited me to a Bikram yoga class, a style that I started practicing religiously, I got obsessed with the dopamine release and was liberated by the physical challenge. Then I moved to other different yoga practices, from modern vinyasa to more traditional chanting styles; but at the end of the day I was escaping of my circumstance and insecurities, and once more I was blinding following “the way to do yoga” pushing my body to extremes.

Something wasn’t quite right.

I was repeating the same patterns from my youth ‘that I want to move away from’.

In 2015, I trained in contemporary yoga studies and it helped me to discover my own practice that goes beyond the traditional yoga styles. What is important to me is that I got close to its true meaning.     

Gradually my practice became an encounter with myself, a time and space to observe, accept and be grateful for the things that really matter.

I started to integrate my passion for social science and philosophy with the beauty anatomy of the human body and the art of movement. I developed a holistic approach to a practice and self-exploration.

And this is what I want to share with you!!!

"Your own style" 

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