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Evening song

Notes of practice

We are always in transition

from one place to another,

daylight to nighttime,

in our age, in our lives.

So in every pose, in every moment,

In every stage,

there is a gap,

a chance

to start again"

Note of practice:

Note of practice I have been doing a little bit more recording likely, with the intention of becoming a better observer of myself, picking up the subtilize preference towards movement patterns and rhythms; another way to perceive and revealing some of my blind spots.

So my rhythm, the way I move, is influenced by the music In this case, tho still reacting to the music in its own peculiar way.

There is a little bit of push in the upper abdomen, especially when responding to the effort, wonder if I can redirect that internal pressure to create ease in the transitions. I wouldn’t say I was on flow but sure absorbed by the transitioning light of the longer days.

Music: Evening Song No.2 by Phillip Glass and Timo Andres

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