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Rapid fingers

Notes of practice

Rapid fingers

of slow hands

what looks fast

is actually slowing down

till the death chants

of the eternal waltz.

“It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you don’t stop”


Note of practice:

- Although my intention was to move slow, I was affected by the rhythm of the music that I was playing on the background, when I realize this, I continued with the momentum in my movement, but with the aim to find stability in my breath.

- So I focused on keeping steady breathing to contrast the dynamics of my sequence and support my attention.

- As the pranayama practices (the root word Pra means constancy and movement) so this is a force of constant motion, that is only a force by the recognition of its yielding nature.

- In the beautiful space of my friend Paula Beretta @yogaonlife - The music: Sunflower River Blues by John Fahey from Death Chants, Breakdowns, and Military Waltz.

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