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Vblog #1

A little sequence to learn.

Welcome! this is my firt video blog, originaly shared in March 2017, tha idea was to sharing an "easy sequence" in order to study ourselfs thoriugh it. (noteced my hair before and after)

"yoga is a tecnology for arriving in this present moment. It is means of waking up from spiritual amnesia, so that we can remember all that we already know...Yoga is also a science that incorporates a borad range of practices and techniques that can be tailored and adapted to best suit your personal consititution and personality" -Donna Farhi

Hi, guys!!!

Thank you for watching this video blog.

the reason of this video is to show quickly a little sequence that we would use at the start of the practice.

The sequence it would help us to warm up the body in a gentle way and more important to connect our movement with the breath and cultivate a sense of attention in our body, so when the practice becomes more complex we can maintain the control and stability.

We would break this practice during the classes. 

Thank you so much for watching

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