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The story of ourselves.

Lesson 4

*Community yoga Mangawhai

Developing a personal practice .

"The concept of identity is not something fixed, but something created and added and always in process, that moves towards instead of having arrived. This project is added to what we believe to be now in the light of our past and present circumstances, together with what we believe we would like to be the trajectory of our expected future".

- Antonio Giddes.

In today’s practice, we are playing with the idea of moving with our identities and the roles that we perform during our day, years... during our life’s.

Who we are? And how we move? focusing our exploration to observing different narratives, what it means to move like us? In the work we do? In the games, we play?

We are bringing our personalities and characters into the practice, to slowly going deep into different layers, how we breath and how we think? Is that a reflection of us?

This questions would guide our inquiry, not to find answers, rather to feel them on sensations.

The class is at the Anglican Church in Mangawhai Village, starts at 6:30pm and last for one hour, please arrive at least 5 minutes early.

*The gain of this classes is to motivate people for a yoga practice and create a weekly community; This is the last week koha yoga class, with the gain to buy yoga mats that can be used in the class, from next week the class would cost $10, but only if this is possible, otherwise people can still bringing whatever is consider affordable.


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