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Entering the Stream

an Introducction to the elements of Hañsa Yoga

Hañsa Yoga Workshop Auckland

Yoga Ground, Novemeber17 .

“Touch is a lenguage that connects you on the most basic fundamental level”.

- Vincent Bolletta.

HI everyone!

I am so pleased to present you the hañsa yoga workshop, with my friend Liana Yew, on November 17 in Auckland at Yoga Ground.

This is an invitation for everyone; The hañsa yoga methodology has a big impact in my practice and is significance in my yoga journey, I am so excited to share this with you!

Liana and I, we’ll break down the elements of hañsa yoga flow, introducing some therapeutic principles and its tangible processes thorough fundamental touch.

Disclaimers about the video:

*The video was filmed in New Plymouth, during a hañsa yoga workshop “the art of flow” on April this year, at the beautiful yoga space of Escape Coffee.

*The subtitle of the video “Entering the Stream” is used as an analogy for the work that Liana and myself are putting together to introduce the elements of Hañsa yoga flow.

*The music: “Burning bed” /Eliot Goldenthal from the soundtrack Frida.

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